dirtypoetix’s diary


We are moving up.

Hi dear readers we have some great news for you as we promised in the past month so let's start:

1. We are going to have a new preform very soon and the big surprise it's going to be in acoustic enviroment. So stay tune for watch the latest updates.


2. We are so happy to announce our new "WEBSITE". As we promise we just got online in our new web page that it's called "dirtypoetix.com".


basically as we said on the tittle we are moving our blogs to our website, so if you want to check our updates of our social networks and our latest productions you definitely have to check our new website. We work so hard to mkae our website so simple and confordable for you. So you can check everything about us un one site.. we spend a lot of time making two versions of it. We have a "DESKTOP Version" and our "MOBILE Version" as the same way we create a translated versions of it.


so please check it out and let us know what you about it and give us your support we will really appreciate.



best regards.

Joshua Ochoa